With Us

"Even if you're not a seeker,

still, follow us, keep searching with us.
Even if you don't know how
to play and sing,
you'll become like us;
with us you'll start singing and dancing.

Even if you are Qarun, the richest of kings,
when you fall in love,
you'll become a beggar.
Though you are a sultan, like us you'll become a slave.

One candle of this gathering
is worth a hundred candles; it's light is as great.
Either you are alive or dead.
You'll come back to life with us.

Unbind your feet.
Show the rose garden---
start laughing with your whole body,
like a rose, like us.

Put on the mantle for a moment
and see the ones whose hearts are alive.
Then, throw out your satin dress
and cover yourself with a cloak, like us.

When a seed falls into the ground,
it germinates, grows, and becomes a tree:
if you understand these symbols,
you'll follow us, and fall to the ground with us.

God's Shams of Tabriz says
to the heart's bud,
"If your eyes are opened,
you'll see the things worth seeing."


Monday, November 24, 2008

Leaving Namibia

In the last week Abby and I have trekked around Namibia quite a bit...

We spent some time in Swakopmund which was pretty uneventful other than a wrecked ship that has become a luxury home to thousand of seabirds. We oooo-ed and aaaahh-ed at flamigoes and pelicans and spent time with friends on the purple sand beaches. From there we went to the Cape Cross seal colony which was full of angry seals beating eachother up over personal space and pups laying around next to piles of placenta....thousands of piles of smelly afterbirth. Among the thousands of pups were happy jackals chewing away at the ones that were either poorly protected by their mothers or had been crushed by there fathers. Awesome.

Then Spitzkoppe... a land of magical orange rocks that turn red with the sunset and 4,000 year old bushman paintings.... I've never seen a more beautiful night sky... it was like being in a planetarium.

Then Twyfelfontein...dolomite rocks in the shape of "Oragan Pipes," sandstone bushman rock carvings, and petrified forests.

Then Himba village... got to hang out with some lovely barechested ladies covered in red okre. They clean themselves with smoke from mopane trees... no water... interesting.

Then Etosha salt pans. Saw loads of creatures great and small. Abby and I definitley got our birding fixes in and were perfectly happy that everyone saw a leopard (yet again) except for us... and by happy I mean extremely envious.

Hiked up the Waterberg plateau and got lost in the forest and found wild Ruppells Parrots... the view from the top of the plateau was gorgeous.... of course.

Hopping on a bus to Lusaka for 24 hours in about 5 hours... yikes! Hopefully they have toilets... otherwise I'm going to have to get creative because I dont think my kidneys can handle holding it anymore.

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dragonflies said...

Wow... it's all just so fantastic!