With Us

"Even if you're not a seeker,

still, follow us, keep searching with us.
Even if you don't know how
to play and sing,
you'll become like us;
with us you'll start singing and dancing.

Even if you are Qarun, the richest of kings,
when you fall in love,
you'll become a beggar.
Though you are a sultan, like us you'll become a slave.

One candle of this gathering
is worth a hundred candles; it's light is as great.
Either you are alive or dead.
You'll come back to life with us.

Unbind your feet.
Show the rose garden---
start laughing with your whole body,
like a rose, like us.

Put on the mantle for a moment
and see the ones whose hearts are alive.
Then, throw out your satin dress
and cover yourself with a cloak, like us.

When a seed falls into the ground,
it germinates, grows, and becomes a tree:
if you understand these symbols,
you'll follow us, and fall to the ground with us.

God's Shams of Tabriz says
to the heart's bud,
"If your eyes are opened,
you'll see the things worth seeing."


Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Fish!

At random:

Monkeys patrol St Lucia stealing bananas from vendors when they are away.

Kayaking in the estuary... hippos everywhere, a croc swims under our kayaks swirling the water viciously and lifting us. Our guide, Stiaan, looks like young Steve Irwin and tells us that Irwin himself said these were the most dangerous waters in the world and that he would not put a toe in them. Maybe he is bullshitting. We see a saddlebilled stork and goliath heron among many many other birds. Mud fight ensues afterward.

Next day we walk in the wetlands and mangroves. Cape buffalo keep a watchful eye on us, and us on them. We walk faster and they walk faster toward us.

Stiaan pretend to be a hippo and shakes our tent at night. To make up for it he takes me at night to find a chameleon. I am slightly wary of him, but he is true to his word and soon I am holding one in my hands inspecting it in the trucks headlights.

We go to a lake to find ducks.. . (bird list provided later for those who care). Trail smells of genets. Man tells us zulu and swazi stories (will tell later also...). We watch an ant lion eat its prey.

Zulu dancing.... pulled a groin muscle. Spastic...drumming...kicking legs over head and shoulders.

Ate impala stew. Stayed in Mliliwane wildlife sanctuary. Swazi dancing. Hiked up Execution Rock on my birthday. I wonder what it would be like to walk to my execution, and I think near the top that I might be ready to die by the time I got there. Eland, warthogs, crocs, mpala, blesbok, nyala on the way. Bee-eater birds fly out of their holes in the red banks by the river bed. Vibrant purple jaracunda flowers everywhere compliment the greenery and the red dirt.

The bus ride here is horrendous. We almost collide with stubborn and apathetic cattle several times and a man crossing the road. We arrive and soon I am learning german by the bonfire. Laughing. Next morning we launch the boat from the beach and the waves crash over us and people fall everywhere. We get out to the open ocean. I swim with 11 whale sharks, and a manta ray swims directly toward me. I look down and it is 3 feet under me and it is MASSIVE! A small hammerhead swims by. I am in heaven under the water. I never want to return to land.

There is so much more... but I will have to write it later. The internet place closes in 3 minutes.

Much love from Tofo.


dragonflies said...

miss you. happy for your great adventures... and watch that zulu dancing! xoxo your moms

p.s. new at this, any way you can delete the momx2 follower from your blog site? put in bad email address and can't get back there to delete it.
(but keep dragonflies)

Justin said...

jealous rage! whale sharks? dear god that is not fair.