With Us

"Even if you're not a seeker,

still, follow us, keep searching with us.
Even if you don't know how
to play and sing,
you'll become like us;
with us you'll start singing and dancing.

Even if you are Qarun, the richest of kings,
when you fall in love,
you'll become a beggar.
Though you are a sultan, like us you'll become a slave.

One candle of this gathering
is worth a hundred candles; it's light is as great.
Either you are alive or dead.
You'll come back to life with us.

Unbind your feet.
Show the rose garden---
start laughing with your whole body,
like a rose, like us.

Put on the mantle for a moment
and see the ones whose hearts are alive.
Then, throw out your satin dress
and cover yourself with a cloak, like us.

When a seed falls into the ground,
it germinates, grows, and becomes a tree:
if you understand these symbols,
you'll follow us, and fall to the ground with us.

God's Shams of Tabriz says
to the heart's bud,
"If your eyes are opened,
you'll see the things worth seeing."


Monday, September 22, 2008

The start of something...?

For the past year I have been hiding away and dealing with (or mostly avoiding dealing with) life and death and love and pain and all those things that make us human - the things that shape us. I believe that I've grown a little from these experiences... the piles of shit I was dealt last year certainly added to my nitrogen base. But overall, I've felt as though I've been in a state of dormancy and I'm finally ready to emerge. So... since I'm leaving for Africa to get some sun on my leaves and rain in my roots, I thought I'd start a blog... gasp! I can't promise that I'll have much time to keep it up or the means to, but I'll try. The migration begins Sept 30th...


Justin said...

You have been assimilated.

adamw said...

i hope that seed germinates and becomes what it is destined to be...an irrefutable bundle of light and energy, with branches reaching up high into the sky' leaves that emit the essence of purity and roots that join below in the soil amongst the constant toil of a million little creatures.

Kristen said...

what am I supposed to say after Adam's comment? I can't follow that... have a beautiful time and my thoughts are with you. Peace.